Q: I’ve wanted to lose weight for a long time. How can you help motivate me to really do this?
A: Our exclusive Behavior Educated Program and one-on-one counseling have helped people do what they thought they would never do; lose weight and keep it off. Each week you’ll learn new ways of thinking and behaving while developing healthy weight loss attitudes and skills.
Q: Is your program right for me?
A: It is if you want to lose weight. Houston Medical WeightLoss Clinic will help you every step of the way by encouraging to follow our nutritional program. Then we stay on the job, with individual counseling and monitoring, to help you keep it off.
Q: Will I have to buy expensive special food?
A: No. We’ll create a program just for you based on regular foods that you already buy at the grocery store. Your plan will be low fat, high in protein and nutritionally balanced for healthy, productive weight loss. A mild exercise component is also part of your program.