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Patient Testimonials
Don't just take our word for it, read about what are patient's are saying about us!
I never thought I would get Botox injections. Now, after seeing the results, I don’t think I can live without them! And it did not even hurt! It was so EASY! Thank you Houston Medical Wellness Clinic!
Donna Pollizzil, Graphic Designer
I have always pondered Laser Hair Removal. On a whim, I thought I would go ahead and have the laser hair removal series for my underarms. It didn't hurt at all and took less then 15 minutes! I can't begin to say how nice it is not to have to shave there. This "no shaving" is such a great thing, I'm going to have to do the bikini area next!
Susan Valencia, Restaurant Manager
It was a amazing experience from start to finish. The staff was friendly and professional. I felt confident about the weightloss program plan and look forward to the other various services that they have available there.
Renee Johnson, Marketing Director
I discovered Houston Medical Wellness Clinic when researching Sclerotherapy. I wanted to feel comfortable wearing shirts and short dresses again but I needed to get rid of my spider veins. The doctor and staff made me feel comfortable about the procedure and my decision. Now my legs have never looked better. The results are remarkable!
Susan King, Mother of 3

I am an elementary school teacher and sometime my days are so busy I did not have much time to take care of myself the way I needed to. Houston Medical Wellness Clinic was very flexible with appointment times and I was able to start toward my goal. I went in with a goal of loosing about 10 pounds. I actually lost close to 15 pounds. This program is wonderful and the Lipo-Release shots are a huge help. The staff was as excited about my results as I was and very supportive. I feel & look great! Thank you Houston Medical Wellness Clinic! I would recommend this program to anyone who really wants to see long lasting results!

Monica Eldridge, Elementary School Teacher
I've never had someone, much less a physician take the time to explain in such detall each step in the weightloss process. He explained it to me with great examples, and did not leave me dumbfounded, like I had experienced before. And I've already lost 20lbs, without being hungry!
Cassandra P. Smith, Office Manager HHPC
I just love your staff and your office atmosphere. As soon as I walk through your doors for my massage the stress lifts away! I love the Mint drink.
Allison Mathews, CNA
The most important thing for me is your technique. You are very gentle. Through all my procedures, I have yet to have any bruising. I highly recommend you to anyone needing Botox® or Juvederm®
Amanda Lopez, Media Sales Rep.

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